How to Fix Error Code 30125-1011-Office Installation

Fix Error Code 30125-1011

Any Error occurred while installing, updating Microsoft office program, like Error Code 30125-1011. Some of the reason behind occurring  error is Antivirus and Firewall prevent you from installing office, or any system file corruption, or due to operating system to latest. Following are the some of the steps to Fix Error Code 30125-1011.

Temporarily Disable Antivirus And Firewall

Error code 30125-1011 may occur while installing office program due to network or firewall restrictions.

Disabling Firewall

  • Open Control panel and Select Windows Firewall
  • Turn off windows firewall for both public and private network.

Disabling Antivirus

  • Open Antivirus installed on your systems
  • Go to Settings and navigates to Real Time protection
  • Turn Off Real Protection.


System File checking scan to Fix Error Code 30125-1011

Error Code 30125-1011 occur due to system file corruption.Fix this by performing SFC scan. After system file check scan replacing or repairing the system file.

Follow the steps to perform SFC scan

  • Open command prompt with administrative previlage
  • Type sfc/scannow and press enter
  • scan will begin automatically.






Remove and Reinstall Office

After the following steps Error code 30125-1011 not fixed, Remove and Reinstall the Office.

Steps to Reinstall Office

  • Go to control panel
  • select Programs and features
  • Select office to uninstall/changes

Install office


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Repair Error Code 30103-11 -Microsoft Office

Error Code 30103-11 in MS Office

repair error code 30103-11

When installing Microsoft Office packages in your system, there may be occur some errors. Microsoft Office is not working correctly or throwing an unpredictable error when installing office package or while applying windows updates, this means “Error code 30103-11” has occurred. This error code usually occurs in Office 365, Office 2013, and Office 2016. Error code 30103-11 generally arise in windows platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and other Microsoft windows editions. You can know how to repair error code 30103-11 from following information.

Symptoms of Error Code 30103-11:

  •   Slow system performance
  •   Error notification when you open MS Office.
  •   MS Office will end running.

Cause of Error Code 30103-11:

  • Firewall/Antivirus will halt the MS office installation process.
  • Slow speed internet will stop MS office Installation.
  • Conflicting of Domain Name System (DNS) .
  • Proxy Settings are ON.
  • Removal/Partial Installation/Repairing of MS Office Suite
  • Old versions of the Office Suite.

Solution for Error Code 30101-11

  1. Delete %temp% files.
  2. Deactivate firewall settings and anti-virus.
  3. Run system file scanning.
  4. Uninstall existing office pack.
  5. Update the remaining Microsoft software patches .
  6. Install the office suite again from MS account.


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How to fix Error code 30125-1011 while installing Microsoft office


microsoft error codeMicrosoft office is one of the essential utility which is using in our day to day life. Microsoft installation may sometimes meets with errors with respect to certain firewall rules. While installing Microsoft office we often come across with the Error code 30125-1011. These problems can be overcome by simply understanding the following steps.

  • System file checking or SFC
  • Make temporary exception on firewall or Antivirus for Microsoft office
  • Repair office registry keys.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the latest office programs
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Error code 30088-04 – Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Error code 30088-04

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Microsoft office Error Code

Microsoft office Error code 30088-04 is may be due to firewall rules, Antivirus shield, system file error, windows installer errors, network conflicts or may be due to preinstalled copies of Office. It shows mainly at the time of installing, upgrading, opening or uninstalling office 365, office 2016 and office 2013. But it can be easily resolve by following the steps explained here.



How to fix Microsoft Office Installation Error code 30015-11

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How to solve – “Error code 30015-11” – Step by step instructions.

Microsoft Office Installation Error code 30015-11 (1073741790)“Microsoft Office Installation Error code 30015-11 (1073741790)” – is a critical error you may get ; while using Microsoft Office Programs. You may find this error; while opening , updating, installing or uninstalling Microsoft Office Programmes. Since Microsoft Office is a common software, you may need to deal with it most probably. Please find the detailed step by step instructions to solve this issue or fix this “Microsoft Office Installation Error code 30015-11 (1073741790)”.

Error code 30015-6 – How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30015-6

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microsoft error fix

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Steps to Fix Error code 30015-4(5) Microsoft Office

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Error Code 30015-4(5), While Installing, Updating, Uninstalling Office 365, Office 2016 And Office 2013 Indicate Some Critical Issues Associated With Microsoft Office Program. This Article Is Very Helpful To Trouble Shoot Microsoft Office Error Code 30015-4(5). By This Article Is Adopting Good Troubleshooting  Techniques. Try To Study and Try to Solve Microsoft Office Error Code 30015-4(5) Problems.

Error code 30015-4(5)